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The time to explore the stars has come
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Kosium Pioneers are 9,999 generative anime, cyberpunk NFT’s. Your Pioneer will double as your in-game character in our future MMO gaming experience.

With over 150 hand-drawn elements, each artwork is unique with it’s own set of properties, traits and abilities.

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Death Ninja
9,999 pioneers
the copy ninja
Randomly Generated
Mystic girl with pig tails and a dark matter cat tail
Futuristic Anime Aesthetic


Advances in AI have increased income inequality to devastating levels on Earth.

The elite resorted to punishment, shaming, and misinformation to maintain their status, but people became aware of this injustice and revolted.

War now engulfs Earth and threatens to go nuclear.

A small organization named Kosium foresaw this coming and worked on technology that would allow humans to travel to other planets and galaxies.

The culmination of this research was the discovery of a method to harness dark matter as the perfect fuel for traveling the universe through an antimatter collider.

Kosium is now recruiting 9,999 elite adventurers to volunteer for this journey to explore the ether and escape Earth.

Stat Mulitpliers - From 0 to 2. Stats sum to 3

A man wearing traditional samurai armor with glowing light blue highlights
Soldier with pony tail and angled lasers behind her
Woman with black jacket and blue lasers behind her


Each Pioneer has one of three different classes, represented by geometric shapes. Each class has unique traits and abilities.
Ninjas are masters of stealth, speed, and close range combat.
Soldiers are skilled with every type of weapon, vehicle, and warfare imaginable.
Mystics are able to manipulate dark matter with their nanotech infused bodies.

Expertise - Choose One

Girl with samurai hat in front of a purple moon
A girl with black hair and a red highlights wearing a cyberpunk suit of armor
A young man with one eye black wearing a suit of armor with a blue hood


We are making a point to not overpromise and underdeliver. The ultimate end goal is to develop a decentralized MMO with a fully functional in game economy. Here is how we are going to do that:


Lore, website, and team formation
Pioneer Collection Release
Game Design


Expanding Game Dev Team
Improved gameplay and mechanics
Transition from prototype to alpha


Weapon airdrop to Pioneer holders
Armor airdrop to Pioneer holders
KITS (our in game token) release
Improved gameplay and mechanics
Transition from alpha to beta


Transition from beta to release
Fully functional in game economy tokenized on the blockchain
Develop a competitive pvp scene


This could go a number of different ways

Decentralized storyline voted on by KITS holders
Manga or anime portraying this decentralized storyline
ESports focus
Open world/sandbox type game

Meet The Team

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